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I have a dream!

As you are aware, Martin Luther King, Jr. played a key role in the American civil rights movement.

This was not easy for Martin Luther King, Jr. as he was arrested and even his house was bombed! Pretty severe for a bloke wanting to change the world for the better.

In 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. helped to organise the famous “March on Washington”. Over 250,000 people attended this march in an effort to show the importance of civil rights legislation. Some of the issues the march hoped to accomplish included an end to segregation in public schools, protection from police abuse, and to get laws passed that would prevent discrimination in employment.

It was at this march where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech. This speech has become one of the most famous speeches in history. The March on Washington was a great success. The Civil Rights Act was passed a year later in 1964.

Below is a video of the famous speech.

Here are a few questions to think about. You could discuss them with an adult in your home.

  • What did you notice about the way he spoke?
  • Discuss the message – What was he talking about?
  • What was his vision for the future?
  • Has this happened?
  • Was this fair for Martin Luther King, Jr. to want as a right?

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. played a key role in the American civil rights movement from the mid 1950s until his assassination in 1968. Martin Luther King, Jr. is considered one of the greatest public speakers of modern times and his speeches still inspire many to this day.

I would like you to present as much information on Martin Luther King, Jr. as you can. You could record yourself speaking, create a PowerPoint or Word document, you could also present it as a word-map or fact file, it is your choice!

Below are some helpful resources to get you started on Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Click this link to open a Martin Luther King, Jr. biography

Tomorrow, we will be looking at the famous – I have a dream! 

Unit 3: World-Changers!

In this unit we are going to learn about people who wanted to change the world for the better, through their strong beliefs.

Now, you would like to think that you would be forgiven for thinking that trying to change the world for the better would make you very popular! No, these people had to endure violence, threats and even prison to make the changes they believed in!

In America (1960s), unprivileged or uneducated people had to pass a test in order to vote. The tests were mainly administered to black voters. The tests were almost impossible to pass and had the intent to disenfranchise black voters.

Below is an example of a test, The Louisiana Literacy Test and to be honest, it doesn’t test your literacy skills at all! Have a go at the test and see how you get on…

You have 10 minutes to complete it!

Once you have completed the test, you could test an adult, brother or sister.

You could also create your own test and upload it to the blog for your classmates to have a go at or you could administer it on an adult at home.

Click the download link to download the Louisiana Literacy Test.

Remember to let us know how you get on and what you think to the Louisiana Literacy Test. Do you think it’s a fair test? How did you feel sitting the test?

Here are the possible answers to the Louisiana test.

Lesson – 6 Get Creative!

Now you know all about conquerors, why not create your own conqueror’s armour or helmet?

What clothing would be fit for a conqueror?

Can you design a new set of armour or a helmet for a conqueror of your choice? You could even make the helmet if you really want to go for it – don’t forget to post pictures of what you have designed/made!

Here are a few examples I’ve pinched from the internet but I’m sure you could come up with much better ideas!

Lesson 5 – Biography Writing

Choose your favourite conqueror from the ones you researched. Write a detailed biography of them, include as much information about them as you can.

Why have you chosen them as your favourite conqueror?

Were they a hero or a villain & why do you think this?

Use your best writing skills including interesting vocabulary and a range of punctuation.

Here is a writing checklist to use to check you have included all the necessary writing elements and an example of a biography so you can see what you are aiming for:

Features of a biography