Welcome to our new topic: “What made the British Empire great?”

Here is our Topic Map for the project:


Unit1 is all about building up our knowledge of WHAT the Empire was, HOW it came about, WHO were some of the important people who were part of it, WHEN did all this happen and WHERE.  The children will be doing a LOT of research to find the answers to these questions and presenting what they discover in their own words.  We shall choose one event in particular to report on for a newspaper article. Everyone will get to choose a different event and have to come up with all the facts and detail for the story themselves (just like a real reporter would).  They will then have to match the details of the story to the structure of a news article.  This will mean that everyone’s article is different and shows what they can do independently.

After our morning out testing our boats we let off a little steam in the FS playground

Some of us decided to play Ancient Greek themed games

Mr Swallow liked our Spartan spear training

Testing the ships

The trip to Birdwell ‘Lagoon’ was great fun.  We managed to test our ships on the water.  They carried between 7kg and 14kg!  In the end, 2 of our ships were still afloat and we had ran out of weights to add!

We had great fun (although it was a little disappointing that Mr Swallow didn’t fall in…he nearly did!)  and the way we conduct ourselves out in the community is a credit to the school.  All of the members of the public that we met said lovely things about how pleasant we were to talk to and how polite.  They also thought our baots were amazing!


Well done Year 5!  It was a pleasure to take you yesterday, All our staff were very proud of you all!

Mr Swallow was in London, on a course so he called into the British museum to take some photos of their Ancient Greece exhibition for us

There were some amazing sculptures and artefacts.  Lots of them were even familiar to us!  We saw the Grecian urns we had made and found out new facts (like they were used at parties to tell the latest stories and news).  We saw the Parthenon and the Acropolis that we had read about…it was much bigger than we had all realised.  We saw Spartan warriors carved in stone and Athenian philosophers.  We even saw one of the Godesses we have just read about this week!

Unit 2 has introduced us to famous Greek heroes and Villains…

One of the heroes we are finding out about is Jason; he is famous for going on a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece with his fellow Argonauts, aboard his ship…THE ARGO.

We have decided we should become shipbuilders too and build our own Argo.  Mr Swallow has set us the challenge of designing and constructing a ship that can carry a heavy load successfully.  We are going to decide who has done the best job by taking them down to the reservoir and seeing which one can carry the most weight without sinking.

We are only allowed to use traditional building techniques (but in miniature) so we have started by choosing a hull shape and constructing ribs in this shape.

We then add runners to the ribs to build the skeleton of the ship.  We have had to use saws to measure and cut our timber to the right size and use clever joining and over-lapping techniques to make the skeleton of the ship strong.