Miss Cox has set us a challenge

The eponymous, Troll in our book visits several different types of bridge on his quest to find a goat or two to eat.

We have learned all about different bridge designs and used this knowledge to design a bridge or our own. Some groups have gone for a simple beam bridge, others an arch and some have even gone for a fancy suspension bridge.

So, yesterday, we got the tools and D.T. Materials our and began construction!

The Great British Feast

The British Empire was great because it means our culture has been influenced by all the countries and people in it.  Our music, our literature and even our diets are influenced by places that were once part of Britain.


To celebrate this, the children identified dishes from around the Empire that they would like to make, researched the recipes and ingredients needed and wrote a shopping list.

Now we had a strict budget of £1 per person to work to so we had to be creative. Some teams realised they could choose a cheaper cut of meat to work with, some spotted that we could buy mixed herbs and spices and save money from buying each spice individually.  However, we all had to completely avoid any packets or anything ready-made. Everything was made from scratch.

We headed up to the Aldi and the staff stepped back and the children did the shopping. They had to use good manners and ask the Aldi staff if they couldn’t find something. If items were more expensive than they thought it were not available they had to solve it themselves by finding alternatives.

Once we had everything, we headed back to class to cook.  The children did everything except handle the hot pan and oven, everything was mixed, mashed and made by the kids…even de-boning chicken thighs!

We made:

pilau rice

Lemon rice

spicy Jamaican rice

Chicken Korma

vegetable pakora

jerk chicken wings

southern fried nuggets

Spiced corn and 3 types of naan!  All in one afternoon!!!

Super scientists

We are looking at the work of the inventor, Sir Humphrey Davey. He invented the miners safety lamp so we thought we could investigate what light is and how it works.

There were some find blowing facts:

light only travels in straight lines!

light can be reflected or refracted

light is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow

our jumpers are not actually blue; they are just good at reflecting blue light and absorbing all the other colours!!!


Mr Swalliw showed us practical experiments that we could do in class to prove all of these points…time to get the (metaphorical) lab coats on…