Brainy binary bunch

We have really got the hang of the binary number system…we have learned how to use binary to represent decimal numbers, letters and even images!!!


Today we further developed our understanding of circuits

We designed a circuit to test whether materials around the classroom were conductors or insulators.  This will help us select the correct materials when we build

our own arcade machines later in the topic!


We have begun to research the history of video game development

We used our google search skills to find out the dates of important developments, such as when consoles were released, when famous characters appeared or major changes in technology.

As well as our small group research notes, we also started to add our findings to a shared class timeline.  Collaborating on a project online is a good way of sharing what we find out.  We shall keep adding to this timeline as we find out more.

Mr Swallow showed us how to use alternative search techniques, such as finding an example close to what we want to write ourselves.  Here is a video game timeline from the internet that will help us understand what ours could look like…

Video Game Timeline

From Visually.

We created some simple electrical circuits today

We have done this before so we knew how to create a working circuit.  Mr Swallow gave us a selection of working and non-working components and didn’t tell us which was which!!!  We had to “trouble shoot” to figure out which components were broken…  Was it the bulb, the battery, the motor, the buzzer or all of them???  We tried different components until we ended up with a working circuit.

Fancy dress day!

We dressed up as video game characters to celebrate our new school topic, “Can you design and make a video game?”

Graphic designers

we had fun taking photos of one another in our fancy dress video game outfits.  Back in class, we learned how to use graphics and publishing programs to manipulate those photos.  Some of us made it look like we were in the game our character was from.  Some of us added video game effects to our photos.  The results looked great…

We had fun investigating graphics design this morning

Old fashioned games consoles were only 8-bit and so could only handle relatively small amounts of information at a time.  That meant that the graphics had to be really simple and blocky.

We found it was really tough to represent our characters feature, like eyes and mouths, using large, blocky pixels.  So, we looked online at the tricks old 8-bit Sprite designers had used to help us understand how to do it…


Last Day in Year 5

What a fun year we’ve had. We even ended it with a snowball fight!

Thank you very much for the wonderful presents – it really is much appreciated.

Have a terrific summer and we’ll see you again in Year 6.

Mrs Rees