Programming in Scratch

We have all written a completely new game of our own design in Scratch from scratch!  That’s right, believe it or not, each team began with a blank piece of paper (figuratively speaking) and created all the graphics, sound, algorithms, code, score systems etc etc needed to create a game!

Even more impressive, we have all designed our own inputs using a Makey Makey so that the games are played using buttons and controllers we have designed!!! Some games are controlled my punching or kicking! Some by jumping on pads, some by jumping and heading a sensor and even some by splatting a jelly!!!!!!!!

Impressive stuff Year 5!!!

Construction begins!!!

Our arcade machines are underway!

Measuring Masterclass

We have been brushing up on our measuring skills because we need to be super accurate when we are constructing our arcade machines!

We have been working on being able to convert between different units of measure, that way if Mr Swallow gives us measurements in metres but only gives us rulers that measure in CM and MM (you know what he is like!!!) then we shall be able to convert the units easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Homework Heroes (I am the proudest teacher in school!)

This topic, the children were set a homework project with a difference.  They had to present information that they had learned about through the topic and they could choose any way to present it that they liked…BUT!!!!  They had to work to the same high standards at home that they do in class…so, they took home line-guides, handwriting pens, stationery and paper.  They knew that writing in felt-tip or on scraps of paper would not cut the mustard…I was expecting quality!

Well, I’m glad to say that the children did not disappoint!  They chose all sorts of ways to complete the project…written work, art, a model arcade machine, posters, timelines…even a spoken powerpoint presentation!!!  In fact, the standard has been so high that the homework is going up on display in the school corridor, right outside our room!!!

The only difficulty I have now is fitting it all up there!  There return rate has been so good and everyone has done so much that we are going to have to spill off the board and onto the walls.  Here is how it looks so far…

Thank you all so much for the hard work that has gone into the project.  I shall come up with something completely different for next half term!!!

Creepy Chaos

This morning has been hectic, to say the least!  (Pure chaos in all honesty!!!)  BUT!!!!  Lots of fun!

Pumpkin carving:

Bobbing for Skittles:

As well as Halloween colouring fun and games!

Spanish Singing

Mrs Atkinson teaches us Spanish each week.  We have learned how to talk about ourselves and our bodies in Spanish.  To see how well we can remember the names of our body parts, we have been challenged to sing, “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”, in Spanish…

Check out this very special homework

A home-made Pac-Man arcade machine!!! Complete with joystick, on screen graphics and even a working coin slot!  Wow!

Not just the class but the whole school were blown away! The attention to detail was ace…right down to getting the look of the bottoms just like the original.

We then received this beautiful display board, created at home to a really high standard!

More and more amazing homework keeps coming in and so we are going to display everything outside our classroom!  Come in and take a look at what everyone has done!

Photography Techniques

We have been learning about how film makers use technique to communicate atmosphere and influence the way we feel about characters.  We have analysed some photos, identifying the techniques we could see employed in them.

We also looked at a scene from Frozen, in which Prince Hans goes from good to wicked. We analysed how the director used our techniques step by step to create the right effect for the scene!

Believe it or not, we are going to use our new-found film-making know how to next improve our writing!

Stay tuned to see the results…