Super scientists

We are looking at the work of the inventor, Sir Humphrey Davey. He invented the miners safety lamp so we thought we could investigate what light is and how it works.

There were some find blowing facts:

light only travels in straight lines!

light can be reflected or refracted

light is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow

our jumpers are not actually blue; they are just good at reflecting blue light and absorbing all the other colours!!!


Mr Swalliw showed us practical experiments that we could do in class to prove all of these points…time to get the (metaphorical) lab coats on…

Unit 2 is all about how Britain changed the world

We are going to investigate this through the contributions of 3 giants from the age of Empire.

The first of these is Charles Darwin.  We have been finding out how animals adapt to live in their environment.  We learned that because we inherit hereditary characteristics from our parents that the animals who are the most successful pass along their genes and so the offspring have the successful traits. Over time, this shapes creatures to perfectly suit their environment.


We have invented our own creatures who have adapted to some environments suggested by Mr Swallow.  We made models in clay and created Non-fiction files about them.  To do this we had to INDEPENDENTLY identify layout and content features to use is our text by reading and discussing similar books to those that we were writing.


Welcome to our new topic: “What made the British Empire great?”

Here is our Topic Map for the project:


Unit1 is all about building up our knowledge of WHAT the Empire was, HOW it came about, WHO were some of the important people who were part of it, WHEN did all this happen and WHERE.  The children will be doing a LOT of research to find the answers to these questions and presenting what they discover in their own words.  We shall choose one event in particular to report on for a newspaper article. Everyone will get to choose a different event and have to come up with all the facts and detail for the story themselves (just like a real reporter would).  They will then have to match the details of the story to the structure of a news article.  This will mean that everyone’s article is different and shows what they can do independently.

After our morning out testing our boats we let off a little steam in the FS playground

Some of us decided to play Ancient Greek themed games

Mr Swallow liked our Spartan spear training