Check out this very special homework…

A home-made Pac-Man arcade machine!!! Complete with joystick, on screen graphics and even a working coin slot!  Wow!

Not just the class but the whole school were blown away! The attention to detail was ace…right down to getting the look of the bottoms just like the original.


Well done J

Photography Techniques

We have been learning about how film makers use technique to communicate atmosphere and influence the way we feel about characters.  We have analysed some photos, levelling the technique we could see employed in them.

We also looked at a scene from Frozen, in which Prince Hans goes from good to wicked. We analysed how the director used our techniques step by step to create the right effect for the scene!

Believe it or not, we are going to use our new-found film-making know how to next improve our writing!

Stay tuned to see the results…

Today we learned how to use a Flow Chart

Flow charts are useful when designing computer programs. They are a way of planning out what you intend to do on paper to see if it works before you begin coding.

There are different symbols to learn and different methods to use. Like with anything you do a computer, there are lots of different ways to solve the same problem…we are trying to find the most efficient.

We tried to design a cup of tea making machine AND as you can see, it’s not as easy as it sounds!!! The computer can only do EXACTLY what you tell it to do so our instructions have to be specific and in the right order.  We also soon realised that there were choices to make, such as whether to add sugar or if the tea would be cool enough to drink.  We dealt with all of these problems through editing our flowcharts and trying to spot logic errors…just like real software developers.

We are learning the coding skills we need to make our own game

Using Scratch, we have already managed to:

  • move a character around the screen
  • create gravity
  • move the scenery so the character looks like they are moving
  • Change sprite costumes to create movement
  • create loops so that actions are repeated

Here, Tom has given the ball instructions to move back and forth across the screen when the game begins. (He has even included a step to stop the ball and say game over if it hits the player)

Here are the instructions that tell the character to jump and return to the ground when the space bar is pressed.


Now we we have cracked the basics of coding, we can start to clearly see the kind of games we can make. We can also now identify what other skills we shall need to learn for our game idea!

Oh no! They’re coming home today!!!

There goes the peace and quiet!!!

Film Night, comfy PJs

Staying out of the rain!!!

Day 2…the fun continues

Castleton Residential


Mr Bailey has phoned to let me know our children have had a fantastic day and are well settled in the hostel…they have just finished panning for gems!?!

He also told me he is immensely proud of their behaviour and attitude! He is loving spending time with our lovely, lively polite and amazing children.  They are a credit to you all…bust mostly me obviously! I have been their teacher nearly 3 week now so I’m sure it’s my influence!!! 🤔

Well done Year 5!!!! We’re proud of you all