Map Reading

In Topic, we have been learning how to read four-figure grid references and have learnt what some of the symbols mean which are used in Ordnance Survey maps.  We then put our skills to the test by identifying places of interest on a map of South Yorkshire by following and writing grid references.

The Yorkshire Rose

The children have been set a homework challenge of making a Yorkshire Rose by being imaginative with their choice of media.  These are some of the resources that have been used so far: beads, sequins, glitter, paper, tissue paper, leaves, petals, rice and scourers.  I love the imagination!  The designs below are by the following children: Archie, Lexi, Aaron, Lilly, Emily, Isobel and Amelia.  Well done to everyone and thank you parents for supporting your child with this task.

Welcome back

This half term, our topic is Yorkshire.  This will involve map work, locating the different parts of Yorkshire and other counties in the UK, identifying major towns and cities within Yorkshire, looking at the physical landscape of Yorkshire and creating art work using a range of media.

We will also be learning about industries that Yorkshire is famous for, in particular coal-mining.  We are visiting the National Coal-Mining Museum on Thursday 26th April and we will take part in a workshop about ‘The History of Mining’.  I know that this will be a very enjoyable and informative day.  We will then focus on Yorkshire culture and the children will be researching who/what Yorkshire is famous for.

In Literacy and Guided Reading, we are studying ‘The Secret Garden’ which is set in Yorkshire and based in the Victorian times.  We have enjoyed finding out about the different lives of people from this era and have enjoyed learning a bit of Yorkshire dialect.  In art, we are looking at techniques for drawing, painting and making flowers and we will be creating our own secret garden.  (Seth has already made a shoe-box secret garden at home which is fabulous!  See pictures below.

In maths, we are studying area and perimeter and we will linking this to real-life situations by designing a house and garden using the skills we have learnt.  We have written a rap to help us to remember the difference between the two.  We will then move onto time and use real-life time tables to plan a journey around areas in Yorkshire.

The timetable has changed slightly and our PE days are now Monday and Thursday.  We will be going outside for PE as much as possible, so please ensure that your child has suitable clothing and footwear.