Rotten Romans TV programme

It was really funny and fun to make. Everyone’s TV shows were amazing and it was fun to watch all of them. The bloopers were hilarious. My favourite blooper was when William fell over during the time he was filming. My favourite scene was the Great Roman Bake Off (which I was in).

By Francesca

My favourite scene was the bloopers and the great Romans bake off.

By Lily

Have we had fun?

Today we have been having lots of fun. We were watching our Horrible Histories T.V programmes and the bloopers. Most of the time we were embarrassed, but we enjoyed most of it. Our favourite part was when I (Lexi) had my glasses up on my face and kept looking at the camera funnily. However our favourite blooper was when William tripped up and fell over. We have really enjoyed working and hope to make more in the future.

Horrible History

First we watched some Horrible History programmes and we got  the main features of it.

After that we got into groups and started to plan our TV  programmes and do a story board to structure our TV programme. After we planned what we wanted to do, we then decided what props we would need to be able to carry out our TV programme. We used tables, chairs, buzzers, costumes, and a green screen. After all the planning was done, we started to write our very own scripts for each scene of our TV programme. We had to include all the features we have learnt in Literacy lessons to make sure the scripts were really good. In our TV programme, we created our very own Roman jokes e.g. What mouse was a Roman Emperor? ……… Julius Cheeser!

Then we wrote about jobs and what they do. They’re called movie directors, make up artist, costume artist and producers.

By Bailey and Sam

Horrible Romans\Histories

A few weeks ago, we decided to all come up with a topic and we decided we want our topic to be Horrible Histories and we filmed a program and worked in groups. We first had to plan our ideas and used a storyboard to put our scenes into order. We then looked at what props we needed to be able to do our TV programme, we needed signs, costumes and accessories. We brought all our costumes in from home to help us get the looks we wanted.

After we filmed our parts for our programme, we then put all our groups together. We loved it. Also we had lots of funny moments in the programme and we cant wait to watch it on Friday.

Lily and Freya

Horrible Histories

For homework we have been watching Horrible Histories TV programmes to find all the main features.

We have been working in a group of five to discuss what we should put in out TV programme.

We have had a story board to fill in so we had to write on it and draw on it.

After we have planned the board we had to create our scripts.

After we created all our scripts we had to think about what props we needed and then we had to create them with paper and cardboard.

We had to create a song about Romans. Also, we had to create a theme song just like they did for the TV programme.

Also, we had to create the costumes for the play.

Then we found out about the different types of jobs in a play\film.

We used our drama skills to perform each scene.

We used the green screen to film our scene.

We had to carefully choose our back ground for the green screen but it had to suit the scene we were doing.



A few weeks ago, we chose groups who we thought we would work well as a team with and accomplish a good amount of work. In our group, we have had a lot of fun while using the green screen with all different backgrounds it was super fun. On the day of the filming we decided to bring outfits, hair and makeup. In topic we decided to make props  like bread, wine, cheese, calda drink, grapes and more we all enjoyed being creative and using our imagination. In topic we also decided to create a conversation  between the group  including what clothes to wear and what scenes including Horrible Hotel and Rotten Café. We also decided to bring in makeup that the Romans should have wore in those days.

Maddy and Lily

Roman Rampage

For the last couple of weeks we have been working on a Horrible History T.V programme. We have had so much fun filming and are excited to carry on. Sadly, we only have until Friday the 23rd of March to film but we have still enjoyed everything. Our group decided to do the Great Roman Bake Off (AKA TGRBO) and this is how we did it:

First, we watched some Horrible History programmes and made notes on what we liked and wanted to include.

Secondly, we planned what our group was going to do and discussed our initial ideas.

Then, we created a story board and began to structure our programme.

After, we made props and costumes for the characters we were playing such as clothes and Roman helmets, swords, shields.

During the process, we used some drama actions we already knew and learnt some more from our friends.

Next, we researched some different roles that we could play (e.g. costume designer).

We then thought about which role suited us best.

Finally, we recorded our programmes using a green screen but we had to make sure the backgrounds were linked to the scene.

We all worked so hard to create our own Horrible Histories T.V programme and we hope to watch them all soon.

By Lexi and Fran