Oh no! They’re coming home today!!!

There goes the peace and quiet!!!

Film Night, comfy PJs

Staying out of the rain!!!

Day 2…the fun continues

Castleton Residential


Mr Bailey has phoned to let me know our children have had a fantastic day and are well settled in the hostel…they have just finished panning for gems!?!

He also told me he is immensely proud of their behaviour and attitude! He is loving spending time with our lovely, lively polite and amazing children.  They are a credit to you all…bust mostly me obviously! I have been their teacher nearly 3 week now so I’m sure it’s my influence!!! 🤔

Well done Year 5!!!! We’re proud of you all

Brainy binary bunch

We have really got the hang of the binary number system…we have learned how to use binary to represent decimal numbers, letters and even images!!!


Today we further developed our understanding of circuits

We designed a circuit to test whether materials around the classroom were conductors or insulators.  This will help us select the correct materials when we build

our own arcade machines later in the topic!


We have begun to research the history of video game development

We used our google search skills to find out the dates of important developments, such as when consoles were released, when famous characters appeared or major changes in technology.

As well as our small group research notes, we also started to add our findings to a shared class timeline.  Collaborating on a project online is a good way of sharing what we find out.  We shall keep adding to this timeline as we find out more.

Mr Swallow showed us how to use alternative search techniques, such as finding an example close to what we want to write ourselves.  Here is a video game timeline from the internet that will help us understand what ours could look like…

Video Game Timeline

From Visually.

We created some simple electrical circuits today

We have done this before so we knew how to create a working circuit.  Mr Swallow gave us a selection of working and non-working components and didn’t tell us which was which!!!  We had to “trouble shoot” to figure out which components were broken…  Was it the bulb, the battery, the motor, the buzzer or all of them???  We tried different components until we ended up with a working circuit.