Party time…Whoop! Whoop!

Plenty of cool dance moves, party games and sliding on our knees!


The Snowman competition!!!

We had a competition with Year 6…to make the best human-toilet paper snowman in half an hour!!!

It was great fun…


Christmas Creatures

Check out the little friends we have made for our Christmas mantle pieces.

Christmas craft fair was brilliant

The children did an amazing job of all the crafts they made…those elf-like skills sure have come in handy!


Elf skills #1

We have identified through our reading analysis that elves are very skilled creatures. One of the things they are famous for is their neatness and the precision of their work…

fortunately we have already learned how to measure extremely accurately so now we are combining this with learning about properties of 2D shapes and nets for 3D shapes to make some “magic boxes” for our Christmas craft fair…Santa will definitely want us in his workshop when he sees how elf-like our skills are!!!

Deck the Halls

Christmas is here!

Topic Teams

What better way to begin our new topic than with new topic books…except this time there is a twist!  Our topic books are shared with a partner.  We are going to have to learn to share, cooperate, compromise and communicate better than ever before if we are to make our new books the best that they can be.

Our first task was good fun; we watched the movie, “Elf”, to watch how elves behaved, what they look like and what they do.  That way we could identify the characteristics we need to show Santa we have if we want to join his workshop!


Arcade Day!!!

I am quite easily the proudest teacher in Barnsley after seeing the hard work, creativity and passion my class has put into their arcade day!

The pupils not only produced amazing video games for visitors to play on but also manned the stalls and sold the merchandise for their game that they had made at home!  There were buns, biscuits and treats, badges, bookmarks and stickers, raffle prizes and games.  The kids pulled out all of the stops and really made the day something special to be part of.

Thank you too for the generosity of all of the parents with their time and money!  As well as the money spent on the day, there were raffle prizes bought, beads and creative supplies as well as all the lovely baking ingredients.  Thank you all so much.

We raised a total of almost £180!  Now the children just need to decide which school trip to spend it all on!!!